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Hotel Imperial and environmental protection

For a global enterprise like MARRIOTT International, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility are a matter of course.

Also the Hotel Imperial attaches great importance to responsibility for the environment and society and commits to sustainability. Together with our guests and associates we are always dedicated to making the world a bit better.


The Austrian Eco Label

The Hotel Imperial strongly promotes environmental protection: It carries the hallmark for sustainable Viennese hospitality.

Viennese hotels have to deal with hundreds of tons of laundry and even more tons of waste every year. They use high amounts of cleaning agents and thousands of kilowatt hours of energy. The Austrian Eco Quality Label for Tourism, however, shows that tourism and environment can walk hand in hand. The Eco Label is conferred upon hotels and restaurants with eco sensibility and services in line with sustainability. Since 2006 the Hotel Imperial, a Luxury Collection Hotel, has been carrying the Eco Label.

 “Environmental awareness is not only a priority, it has also become a trend today”, says Imperial General Manager Mario Habicher. “It is not surprising therefore that international media, such as the renowned BBC Newsnight, are interested in the green line of luxury hotels. Guests of deluxe hotels not only appreciate this commitment, they also support it actively. “

Examples for environmental protection measures at the Hotel Imperial:

• Heat recycling from air conditioning saves 70,000 kilowatt hours per year equaling an annual heat consumption of some 10,000 Viennese households.


• Use of local products from organic farming. Supporting ecologically fair cuisine, Executive Chef Rupert Schnait offers local farmers a luxurious platform.

• Travelers can decide whether having their bedding washed and changed every day or sleeping in beddings that are “only” freshly made. And here comes a surprising extrapolation:

• By using water-saving modules in the fittings the Hotel Imperial saves four million liters of water per year equaling an incredible amount of 25,000 full baths.


Ecological measures do not only benefit the environment but also the budget of the enterprises awarded with the Eco Label. “The cooperation of ecology and economy makes sense”, underlines Mario Habicher. “We take pride in adding a better quality of life to the Austrian capital with our commitment to sustainability.”



If you savor coffee at the Viennese Hotel Imperial, you can do that with a clear conscience. The Luxury Collection Hotel on Vienna’s Ring Boulevard commits itself to sustainability by offering Meinl organic FAIRTRADE coffee.

 “Sustainability is a popular slogan – but at the Hotel Imperial it is applied philosophy”, explains Imperial General Manager Mario Habicher. “Not without reason the Hotel Imperial has earned itself the Eco Label of the City of Vienna. Intelligent air-condition and heat recovery systems are not enough though when it comes to sustainable management. Fair Trade coffee is a small but important contribution to guaranteeing fair prices for producers.” Tradition is alive and - as the exquisite aroma of coffee reveals - it is cultivated with careful attention here. At the Café Imperial guests meet to savor Viennese coffee specialties. Many a great work was penned here by famous writers. Former regulars of the café include such illustrious names as Rainer-Maria Rilke, Thomas Mann, Gerhart Hauptmann, Karl Kraus, Alfred Polgar, and Ilse Aichinger. FAIRTRADE coffee is also served at the Restaurant OPUS, as well as in the rooms and festive halls of the legendary hotel on Vienna’s Ring Boulevard.


FAIRTRADE Quality Label:

  • Proves that small farmers receive a fair minimum price above the world market price for their coffee harvest. Thus, they can live and work under humane conditions.
  • FAIRTRADE cooperatives commit themselves to environmentally compatible and resource-saving farming methods, emphasizing the prevention of environmental burdens for nature and coffee.
  • Many producers have also converted to ecological farming with organic certification. Meinl organic FAIRTRADE coffee, for instance, is made of hand-picked Arabica beans from high-lying plantations in Honduras.


Social responsibility

CARITAS Vienna: Every evening, even on weekends and holidays, the Canisibus provides hot soup and bread to people in need in Vienna. For many of the up to 460 guests, this is their only hot meal a day. Annually, some 96,000 bowls of soup reach people in need. The Hotel Imperial supports this initiative on various occasions throughout the year.

Associates: Our associates can consult a medical doctor at the hotel once a week. We also offer diverse preventive check-ups (blood pressure, eyes, locomotor system, etc.). Associates are also offered free vaccinations against influenza once a year. There is also an Imperial jogging group participating in several events, and there’s a weekly Imperial Soccer Club.


What turns a five-star house into a first-class hotel? Stylish ambience, impeccable service, enjoyment for all senses and above all the people behind. The Viennese Hotel Imperial thus takes the training of fledgling hotel experts very seriously: At the moment, 24 young apprentices learn the trades cook, restaurant expert and hotel and restaurant assistant here. Not to forget the dedicated trainees from hotel and tourism schools.

The hotel thus takes responsibility for fledgling tourist experts in the hotel industry. “Above all in economic depressions we want to invest in the youth and offer young people a job perspective", emphasizes Human Resources Manager Viktoria Arnold. And the company profits a lot “as young people bring in fresh ideas into the team. Apprentices and trainees blend well with senior employees, who in turn enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with the young."

The apprentices stay in "their house" for three years. After that, they are ready to go abroad in order to learn more about their job. "Those who complete their training with us can decide where they want to work", says Viktoria Arnold. "They easily get a job everywhere." That's why the limited training positions are much sought after. "We receive 200 applications for apprentice training every year, only 60 are short-listed. Most of the applicants are young men who want to become cooks. But there are several hundred students every year as well who apply for obligatory traineeship."

Those who manage to become an apprentice at the Hotel Imperial may look forward to first-class training and an excellent working atmosphere. The high success rate also bears testimony to this. Hardly any of the apprentices leaves prematurely.


Excellent junior staff

Many young experts also shine in apprentice and trade competitions such as the Young Hotelier Award event organized by the General Manager Council (GMC) to promote young talents of Viennese 5-star hotels. Apprentice cooks, waiters and restaurant experts are offered another opportunity to distinguish themselves in the context of the Amuse Bouche trade competition. Participating top talents were allowed to show what they can in the course of the gala dinner at Hotel Imperial on the evening of the Life Ball - in the presence of celebrities such as former US President Bill Clinton